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A  Seat at the Table

Paintings on vintage table linens from France, created
during my residency at
Chateau Orquevaux

Painting on table linens celebrates and elevates the
time shared sharing a meal. Unlike a blank canvas these
table linens have stories. I could not help but think
about where these objects had lived and thought about
all the conversations these linens must have overheard.
The subject matter of the paintings that would
eventually be created on these linens was revealed with
ease at first sight of the natural surroundings in the
village of Orqueveaux. These everyday objects that are
neatly folded and seldom used ( or end up at the flea
markets) suddenly held great value in terms of family,
connection and belonging. As I began painting on these
linens, I found my approach and artistic decisions
influenced by the textures of the fabric. These
vintage table linens were my canvases to create and
explore during my residency in France at Chateau
Orquevaux and they were also a connection to childhood
memories. Summers in the south of France with my
father’s family included many family meals around the
table, sharing stories and laughter. Painting on these
vintage table linens has brought these every day
objects back to life and allows us to see these items
with new perspective. These linens were found at the
Marche’ aux Puces de Saint - Ouen.

Michelle Cherqui Levi

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